I belong to the European Association sculpture-network  where I have been coordinating national and international cultural events since 2012. 

I am member of the IAC –Institute of Contemporary Art — independent association of professionals dedicated to contemporary art that works for the professionalization of the entire cultural industry and the implantation of good practices in all cultural institutions, promoting a new social perception of current Spanish art .

I have created the Non-profit Cultural Association MENTES CREATIVAS PROFESIONALES for the development and promotion of culture through Art. It is registered in the national registry of associations in Section 1 national number 618044.

I am co-founder and Artistic Director of SCULTO, international contemporary sculpture fair.



When creation goes hand in hand with teaching and you start generating content and programs, the former becomes a Cultural and Artistic Production.

After my graduation in Fine Arts, I began to develop my personal work that I regularly exhibited in galleries and art rooms throughout Spain. In 2003, I started participating in international outdoor sculpture symposiums that allowed me to make large-format sculptures in more than 20 countries on five continents.

For several years, I combined my creative work with teaching, teaching regulated and non-regulated classes in private, arranged and public centers at different educational cycles, from high school and high school to university.

I am committed to artistic education because I believe in it as a means and end for the complete development of all people, whatever their age. Accompanying the development and intellectual growth of children is a great responsibility that concerns me and occupies me.

I understand art as a tool for growth and personal knowledge; as a means of social knowledge throughout life.


He desarrollado un programa de sesiones artísticas que se plantea como un espacio semanal donde desarrollaremos diferentes temas tomando como referencia principal la escultura. La presentación teórica estará apoyada con prácticas de grupo experimentales en el aula y con prácticas individuales en casa. Reforzaremos las clases con visitas a talleres y exposiciones.

Como objetivos:

1. Acercarnos al arte contemporáneo a través de las obras en tres dimensiones.

2. Adquirir criterios técnicos y artísticos para desarrollar nuestra capacidad de crítica artística.

3. Aprender a visitar una exposición de arte contemporáneo. 

Las sesiones se adecuan a los diferentes grupos que participan, familias, estudiantes de bachillerato artístico, universitarios, profesionales de otros sectores y grupos de tercera edad.