This is not a move

THIS IS NOT A MOVE. 2014-2019.
Reflections and feelings about migratory movements.
From reflection to the object: the fetish object, the thought object and the produced object.

There are many artists who observe reality through the lives of others. We think and translate those experiences with our own language.
Migratory movements have been the object of reflection since life is life, but today, like many artists, they affect me.

In transit. 2011

en transitoIN TRANSIT. 2011

This opens a new artistic period, where new elements appear to create new scenes and everyday situations.



Gardens and other moments. 2008

viendo la vida pasarGARDENS AND OTHER MOMENTS. 2008

Travel is a source of inspiration. Here Beatrice makes a stop on the way to make use of the landscape and everyday objects in her quest to stimulate the viewer's imagination. The work shows philosophical and artistic concerns, it establishes a direct relationship with reality and the world around us, creating a specific space and time whilst providing the posibility of producing a new perspective.

More ways, please. 2004-2005

mas caminos por favorMORE WAYS, PLEASE. 2004-05

A series of ceramic panels and sculptures in stone, iron and bronze, where the personal search is made under the poetic and symbolic discourse of the human foot, a foot deformed and transformed to create an imaginary world where everything is possible and the paths are never ending.



Ways in silence. 2009-10

con la casa a cuestasWAYS IN SILENCE. 2009-2010
In those would be sculptural works, Beatriz suggests quietly, by subtly hinting and stating without exclamation that her work is done as if she herself were extended to a nature whose anatomy will point the way forward.

Paths and circumstances. 2006-07

un vaiven de caminosWAYS AND CIRCUMSTANCES. 2006-2007

A series of sculptures produced principally in marble and iron. Works created for an exhibition abroad, coexisting with the light, the wind, the temperature, and the spectator.

Sculptures 1995-2003

amarrasSCULPTURES 1995-2003

The first stage of primarily sculptural technique and formal research, lays the groundwork for a clear outline sculpture, sensual to the touch and perception. Throughout these years, Beatriz was working on different themes, specially the interrelationship of the forms of feet, feet, trees and ladders. These three elements have been under observation, reflection and development in various materials. The choice of each of them has been based on the expressive and visual quality of wood, ceramic, stone and metals (iron, bronze, lead and aluminium) and sometimes, chalcographic engravings.

Feet are a significant part of each person - to me the most-with them, we move, grow ... leave our mark.They are the point of attachment to the ground, with the Earth, as are the roots of trees. Trees which record in their bark and inside everything that happens around them. And ladders. They come in all shapes and sizes, each one is adapted to join two levels, two stages, two moments ... always two directions, up or down, to arrived or return, with small steps, with high steps...

So trees are being born mutants, “escaleros”, perpetuity, foot-ball, foot-foetus, portraits, etc ...